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Pathé Interactive was a multimedia publishing joint-venture between the Chargeurs group and Philips Interactive Media that was formed in January 1993. The company established itself as one of Europe's leading publishers of quality multimedia programs by drawing upon extensive resources of Pathé's existing catalog of movies and also held a 20% stake in existing French publisher Infogrames.

In August 1995, Phillips Media purchased Chargeurs' stake in the venture, acquiring the Infogrames stake along the way. The latter would eventually acquire Phillips Media outright in mid-1997.

Logo (1993-1996)

Visuals: On a black background, a sunrise appears in the center and fills up a tall rectangle. The dark blue and red streaked rooster from the film logo appears inside the rectangle, along with "PATHÉ" written under it, and a small yellow line with the word "interactive" inside below the company name. A Chargeurs byline fades in below, with the Chargeurs logo above that.


  • International Tennis Open - "une société de CHARGEURS"
  • Asterix: Ceasar's Challenge - "a CHARGEURS company"

Variant: On the MS-DOS version of International Tennis Open, the logo is still.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: A short trumpet fanfare, followed by a dreamy piano tune.

Availability: It only appears on two titles from Infogrames released for the Philips CD-i and MS-DOS: International Tennis Open and Asterix: Caesar's Challenge.

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