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Tradewest was founded in 1986. A year later, they acquired Cinematronics and renamed it Leland Corporation. In 1994, Tradewest itself was taken over by WMS, owner of the Midway and Williams brands, and changed its name to Williams Entertainment, later passed to Midway. When Midway crashed in 2009, the French and UK offices were rebranded under the name of Tradewest again.

Logo (1986-1994)

Visuals: A green circle with a stylized white bird looking to the right, with the wing to the left, and with the word "TRADEWEST" in a white-green gradient next to it.


  • On Double Dragon V, the byline "An Interactive Entertainment company" is added below, and the Leland logo shares the screen. The background is blue covered with repeating Leland logo sketches.
  • On Super Double Dragon, the logo is blue and the text is moved below.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: It was seen on Games mainly for Genesis and SNES, based on the Battletoads and Double Dragon franchises.

Williams Entertainment
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