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Conspiracy Entertainment (formerly known as Conspiracy Games) is an American third-party developer video game publisher, publishing games from smaller companies that would face difficulties distributing games themselves. The company has also developed a few games of its own. The company also published UMD videos for the PlayStation Portable and games for the Nintendo Wii console.

Logo (April 1999-May 24, 2011)

Visuals: On a bluish-black spacey background, there is a white outlined circle zoom straight at the camera, and then a white outlined square then flies past the camera. Then, the two then spin each other, and then a flash appears, which then turns into a white alien in the fetal position. The alien then stands up straight, with its arms stretched out as a canon of proportion forms around itself. The text "CONSPIRACY" in a stylized font and "ENTERTAINMENT" in a box below it then zoom in along with a registered trademark symbol. The background then changes to black.


  • A still version of the logo exists and is more common. This version is on a white or black background, usually with the company's website URL at the bottom of the logo.
    • Earlier uses of the still version have the alien with red eyes.
  • Another variant has the words "Trust your instincts", as the logo fades out.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Whooshing sounds with laser zaps throughout.

Availability: Can be found on some games made by the company, such as Enclave, Gadget Racers, Hidden Invasion, among others. The still variant can be seen on the North American releases of certain Wii games by Data Design Interactive, like Ninjabread Man. Can also be found on the trailer for The Land Before Time game for GBA on the 2003 DVD releases of Journey Through the Mists, The Mysterious Island, and The Secret of Saurus Rock.

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