LVL 11

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Level 11 (abbreviated as LVL 11) was created in 2014 by Rovio Entertainment to publish 8-bit and 16-bit games. The company only released two games, Selfie Slam and Retry. The games were delisted from app stores around 2016/2017 due to Rovio focusing more on the Angry Birds franchise, and while it hasn't been confirmed, it can be presumed that the label has gone defunct.

Logo (May 6-September 15, 2014)

Visuals: After the pixelated Rovio Entertainment logo plays and gets done, the red "R" turns black and outside of it forms a black and white shield with black bird feathers, with "A GAME BY" wiping in above. The word "ROVIO" turns into a black and white banner that reads "LVL 11" in white. When it gets done it segues into the RETRY's menu.


  • On Selfie Slam, the logo plays unpixelated on a black background, and just flips in instead of forming from the "flame" logo. Also the "A GAME BY" text is absent.
  • For some of RETRY's tailers, the logo cuts down to blackness or blightness into the white.

Technique: The "flame" logo and that logo turning into this logo.

Audio: An 8-bit version of the "flame" logo's sound effects, then a 5- note high-pitched pixel fanfare. Then a vrooming of the plane.

Audio variants:

  • On two trailers of RETRY, the opening theme of the trailer is heard along with the original audio.
  • On Selfie Slam, the echo from the flame Rovio logo is heard.


  • Seen on Selfie Slam and RETRY, which are the only games produced by the company.
  • The games have been delisted from app stores, so outside of trailers, this can only be seen on devices that still have at least one of the games on it.
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