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RedZone Interactive, Inc. was founded in December 1997 by the same team who were at Sony Interactive Studios America (later known as 989 Studios). It was best known for the NFL GameDay series and the NCAA GameBreaker series since the '99 installment of respective titles. On January 22, 2001, SCEA has re-acquired the studio and becomes the sports development division of 989 Studios.

1st Logo (January-August 9, 1999)

Visuals: Against a blue-purple brick wall on a black background, there are the words, "REDZONE" in a Italic Impact font with "R" and "Z" are a bit bigger then the rest of the letters, with the white and black outlines around it. Under it is "INTERACTIVE, INC." in a Kabel Bold font. Behind the logo is it's shadow on the background. There is also the light-ray like effect on the logo. Above the logo is "Designed & Developed by" in an Optima Bold font with its shadow behind it.

Variant: There's another version where the logo is smaller. Plus, "Designed & Developed by" is in an Italic Impact font.

Technique: A still, CGI graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appears on a demo of NFL GameDay '99 found on Interactive CD Sampler Vol. 9 for PlayStation (said full game used an in-credit notice instead). The variant appears on NFL GameDay 2000, NCAA GameBreaker '99 and 2000 for PlayStation.

2nd Logo (August 22, 2000-August 1, 2004)

Visuals: Against the black background, there's "REDZONE" in it's same font from before with the black outline in it's glass form, flying on from the bottom left to the right while the red lines and red hoops fly through the logo. Then the logo becomes clear and normal while it settles into the center as the lines and hoops disappear. Then a light ray-like shine appears while "INTERACTIVE, INC." in a Helvetica Italic Bold font, appears below the logo. Then the spotlight moves around the logo.


  • There is a variant where the background is gray instead of black and it's in letterbox format. Plus "INTERACTIVE, INC." is changed to simply, "INTERACTIVE" and it's spaced to fit the width of the logo.
  • Another variant is where it's the same as the first variant, except "INTERACTIVE" is stretched to fit the width of the logo instead.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The wind-like sounds as the logo appears. Then a low synth note as the logo shines.


  • The standard variant appears on NFL GameDay 2001 and NCAA GameBreaker 2001 for PlayStation and PlayStation 2.
  • The first variant appears on NFL GameDay 2002 and 2003 for PlayStation and PlayStation 2.
  • The second variant appears on NFL GameDay 2004 for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 and NFL GameDay 2005 for PlayStation.
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