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Funcom is a Norwegian video game developer founded in 1993. The main office is located in Oslo, with additional offices in North Carolina in the US and Stockholm in Sweden. Originally focused on both PC and console titles, the company has released its games online-only since March 2007. In January 2020, Chinese multimedia holding Tencent acquired the company after purchasing a 29% stake a few months earlier.

1st Logo (1994)

Visuals: There is a white horned viking hat with a flat baseball on top of the right horn inside a blue and red rectangle. The text "FUNCOM" is seen below.

Technique: A still computerized image.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appeared on A Dinosaur's Tale.

2nd Logo (December 1994)

Visuals: There is the horned viking helmet from the previous logo, rendered in 3D in gold, with a big red Santa hat and a furball on the right horn. The word "FUNCOM" is seen in a funny blue font with a shadow below.

Technique: A still CG render.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appeared on Daze Before Christmas.

3rd Logo (January 1995-June 1996)

Visuals: Under the JVC logo is an iron horned viking helmet on dirt with a baseball on the right horn. The name "FUNCOM" is seen below.

Technique: A still CG render.

Audio: None.

Availability: Appeared on Fatal Fury Special and Samurai Shodown for Sega CD.

4th Logo (January 1, 1996-2005)

Visuals: Just the text "FUNCOM" with "FUN" on top of "COM". Some of the bottom of "COM" is cut off.


  • On Casper, the logo is metallic.
  • On No Escape, the logo appears through blurred mist. It also has copyright info.
  • On NBA Hang Time, the logo has electronic fire animating through it.
  • On Dragonheart, a dragon flies and projects fire, where the purple logo appears after the Acclaim logo.
  • A Funcom Dublin version exists, with the colors of the Irish flag. It appears over the opening cutscene of Impact Racing.
  • A small blue logo is seen on Pocahontas for Genesis, with the Disney Animation Services logo appearing under it.

Technique: Depends on the variant.

Audio: None. The fanfare is heard on Dragonheart.

Availability: Black and white logo seen on Championship Motocross. Other variants listed above.

5th Logo (November 18, 1999)

Visuals: There is a green electronic grid with occasional sparks and various text appearing, then the Funcom logo appears in green. The screen suddenly collapses via a TV power-off effect.

Technique: 2D CGI.

Audio: Some electronic noise followed with scribbling as the logo pops up, and the sound of a TV powering off.

Availability: It was seen on The Longest Journey.

6th Logo (March 31, 2000)

Visuals: The Funcom logo with a yellow outline and red center is on a white floor. A punky-haired character walks in and sticks the trademark symbol at the construction. Then he leaves, but the symbol breaks off and rolls. The punk returns anxious, grabs the symbol and blasts it full force into the logo. He departs again, but before vanishing, takes a look behind to check the symbol, and makes a satisfied grunt. The Funcom logo then spins forward, turns black and becomes 2D.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The punk stomping around, making noises. He sticks the (R) with a creaking sound, then it rolls and is blasted back. As he departs, he checks the work and emits a satisfied "Hm!".

Availability: It was seen on Speed Punks for PS1.

7th Logo (April 17, 2006-2017)

Visuals: The sequence starts moving along a extreme close-up of a blue circle. It zooms out and gets itself from the particles. Then it comes to full view with "FUNCOM" inside in two lines and with two connections of the circle. Then the logo shines while turning black and white.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Short humming turning into orchestral synth and the crystal sound on the shine.

Availability: It was seen on Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and Age of Conan games.

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