Clockwork Tortoise

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Clockwork Tortoise was a short-lived video game developer that was founded in September 21, 1993 by the former employees of Malibu Interactive. They only made two Batman and Robin games for Sega Genesis and Sega CD respectively. It was disbanded around 1996.

Logo (1995)

Visuals: Up against the very dark pink-purple gradient background is a rough cartoon picture of a wind-up turtle toy, which has a wind-up key on top of its shell and has a swirl in it's eyeball. On the shell is the black clockwork gear with a lightbulb blinking inside it. The stacked words, "CLOCKWORK TORTOISE INC." with clockwork gears in place of "O"s and above the "I"s, appear dropping from above and bounces a few times. The logo changes it's color from orange to green to dark blue and repeats the same process.

Technique: Graphic animation.

Audio: The game's title music.

Availability: Appears only on The Adventures of Batman & Robin for Sega Genesis. It appears after the introduction sequence.

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