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Logo (1993-1994)

Visuals: On a black background is a close up of a yellow pathway with black flooring that protrudes from the center to the right. A marble rolls down the path. The screen focuses on the marble as it hits the wall a couple of times, emitting sparks as this happens. When it finally reaches the end, the camera zooms out and rotates to the right, revealing it to be an upside down triangle, with two slits (the right one has a line protruding down the triangle), resembling a face. The marble turns into a blue eye and another eye appears in the other slit. There are also five white squiggly lines. As the logo eases back to the middle, lightning strikes the face, causing the hair to briefly straighten out. Then the white text "DREW PICTURES" with a "TM" next to it fades in below.

Variant: A still version has a smaller face and below that is "A DREW PICTURES PRODUCTION".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: It begins with the sound of the marble rolling down the path and the sound of sparks when it hits the wall. When it reaches the end, there is a THX-style pin drop. After the lightning strikes the face, it ends with a pulsing synth. The logo theme was created by Xorcist, who also did the soundtracks for this very game, as well as Bad Mojo.

Availability: Appears on Iron Helix on the PC and Sega CD. The animated version only appears on the latter format.

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