Ultra Software Corporation

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Ultra Software Corporation (trademarked as "Ultra Games") was a subsidiary publishing label of Konami founded in 1988 to release Konami titles in North America for Nintendo's consoles like Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System, mostly to avoid Nintendo's ruling of allowing 3rd-party publishers to release 5 games per year, compared to Konami's roughly 10+ games per year around the time. Its first game was the NES version of Metal Gear. After the release of the Super Nintendo in 1991, as well as Nintendo's relaxed publishing rules, Konami dropped the Ultra Games label.

Logo (June 1988-1992)

Visuals: Just the word "ULTRA" with "GAMES" underneath it. Over "ULTRA" are three blue diagonal lines.

Trivia: This logo is mostly seen on the game's title screen on most games.


  • On early titles from Metal Gear to Q*Bert, there are no lines over "ULTRA".
  • On some games, the text is white while the diagonal lines are red.
  • On Game Boy titles, there is copyright notice under the logo.
  • On some games like Nightshade, only the logo is there, in that case, against a white background.

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: The title music of the game, or none.

Availability: Can be seen on most Konami titles throughout the period for NES and Game Boy.

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