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Platinum Disc Corporation was an American public domain/budget home video company based in La Crosse, Michigan. Platinum was founded in 1995 to release DVDs of public domain films for a cheaper price than other companies. Despite their name, Platinum also produced VHS tapes, though these are uncommon. In 2002, Platinum acquired PM Entertainment, an independent film studio, from the Harvey Entertainment Group. This allowed Platinum to begin releasing modern films as well as older movies. On February 7, 2005, Platinum merged with Echo Bridge Entertainment to form Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, which would become one of the largest DVD distributors in the United States.

1st Logo (1997-2004)

Visuals: On a blue marble background, the word "PLATINUM" in the Imago Bold font zooms in letter by letter. Then a pink/white gradient oval-like shape and words "disc corporation" in Rage Italic fade in. A flash appears as the logo shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A 3-note synth-orchestra tune, similar to the beginning of the Strand VCI Entertainment logo.

Availability: Can be found on DVD releases such as Hangmen and The Great American Western, and a VHS release of Suddenly. Also found on some public domain DVD releases of old TV shows from the 50's and 60's.

2nd Logo (2004-2005)

Visuals: On a dark blue background, there is a DVD rotating, when a light source appears behind. The disc rotates to front view and zooms in to show the logo from before written on the surface, this time the text is flat. The background fades to white, then the logo fades out after a bit.


  • On later releases, only the word "disc" is shown below the logo. "LLC" is also seen on its top right corner.
    • This variant originally used the same text as the normal version; it soon after changed to a wider, bolder font for "disc" and a different font for "LLC".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A light synth-piano theme with a film projector noise, followed by a 7-note oboe tune and people chattering.

Availability: Can be found on their releases at the time, such as Is There Life Out There (due to plastering over Starstruck Entertainment and Marian Rees Associates and PGP logos), Silver Screen Series Volume 1.

Platinum Disc Corporation
Echo Bridge Acquisition Corp.
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