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Yesterday is a history-oriented television channel within the British UKTV network. It was launched on October 30, 2002 as UK History (later UKTV History), coinciding with the launch of digital terrestrial provider Freeview. On March 2, 2009, the channel was rebranded as Yesterday to match the other UKTV channel rebrands.

1st Logo (March 2, 2009-July 23, 2012)

Visuals: The logo starts with footage either from the past or the present. The top of the screen then flips down to show a background with the word "YeSTERDAY", presented in a style opposite in time to the footage shown before. The screen then flips again to a lime green-white background with "YeSTERDAY" in the center, with the channel slogan "where the past is always present" below.

Technique: Live-action, followed by 2D computer animation. These idents were designed by Red Bee Media.

Audio: Unknown.

2nd Logo (July 24, 2012-)

Visuals: On a black background, we see several shots of a green "Y". When the "Y" is shown in its normal position, the word "YESTERDAY" appears in the middle, unaffected by the actions happening around the "Y".

Trivia: Instead of Red Bee Media like all of the previous idents, these were designed by DixonBaxi.


  • Action: We see gunshots being fired at the "Y" in slow motion.
  • Flame: We see fire and burn marks on the "Y".
  • Forest: There is autumn leaves falling around the "Y".
  • Mystery: There is a blue flashlight over the "Y".
  • On a variant released in 2016, the words "COMEDY ZONE" appear under "YESTERDAY".

Technique: A mix of photorealistic CGI and practical effects.

Audio: Deep humming noise and high hisses, with additional sound effects depending on the variant. The sound design is by MassiveMusic.

UKTV History
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