UKTV Bright Ideas

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UKTV Bright Ideas (UK Bright Ideas until March 2004) was launched on January 15, 2003 as part of the UKTV network. It broadcast a variety of programmes often originally aired on UKTV Style, UKTV Food and UKTV Gardens, and were thus mainly cookery, DIY and gardening. On October 14, 2007, the channel ceased broadcasting and was replaced on Freeview by Dave.

ID (January 15, 2003-October 14, 2007)

Visuals: There is a garden with several lightbulbs in flower pots. All of the lightbulbs turn on and the UK Bright Ideas logo ("BrightIdeas" with the usual "UK" prefix and four red lines arranged to the "s" in a half-circle form) appears on the bottom.

Variant: From March 8, 2004, the logo was positioned to the center left and was given the "uktv" prefix with "BRIGHT IDEAS" non-bolded below.

Technique: Mostly live-action.

Audio: Unknown.

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