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On 7 October 2008, UKTV Gold was rebranded to G.O.L.D (a backronym standing for Go On Laugh Daily) as part of UKTV's decision to drop the network prefix from its channel names; it took on the name Gold in 2010. Gold, as well as the rest of UKTV, are wholly owned by BBC Studios since 2019, after Scripps Networks Interactive (who bought Flextech's stake in 2011) exited the venture.


ID (October 7, 2008-July 15, 2014)

Visuals: On a white background, there is the G.O.L.D logo ("GOLD" stylized as a smiley face), then the camera moves as black lines stretch out and certain objects grow and appear. The majority of these objects have the text either "Laugh daily" or "Go on laugh daily" on them. When the camera zooms back is lots of these objects and there are a few birds that fly past from the right to the left.


  • Starting in 2012, there is the same G.O.L.D. logo without the dots appearing as a button. Throughout the logo, the text "Stick something funny on" appears with the objects. A toy fist punches the button to reveal the same black line, then the objects appearing thoughout the ident. There is mechanical circles when the black line approaches them and an octopus is shown below the circle. Then the black line hits a ball to tumble down books and it turns up the circles, with the line turning into a carrot when it appoaches a manster with a record scratcher. The black line reappears and turns into microphones and clouds appear with falling walking teeth, with the black line approaching one of them with an umbrella and a paper aeroplane can be seen. Then one of the walking teeth jumps up from a seat rejector and the black line turns into a match. There is a dynamite at the end of the logo that the camera zooms into. Then it explodes and the G.O.L.D logo is seen with all the objects attached to black strings.
  • The Christmas 2010 variant featured christmas related items, and lights around the G.O.L.D logo as well.

Technique: 2D animation by Red Bee Media.

Audio: A bouncy acapella-based tune.


ID (July 16, 2014-)

Visuals: A golden ticket displaying the channel name slides in over funny and wacky stuff happening.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Live-action and 2D computer animation. These idents were designed by DixonBaxi.

Audio: A cheerful guitar and xylophone tune, along with an announcer.

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