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Walt Disney Cartoon Classics was a label from Walt Disney Home Video that released classic Disney animated cartoons on VHS. There were two different waves from this range, with the brand as a whole being discontinued in 1992.

1st Logo (June 1983-January 28, 1986)

Visuals: The 1981 Walt Disney Home Video logo plays but without any text animation, Once the Mickey outlines become golden yellow, the screen "flips" over to another logo, which is a still shot of "WALT DiSNEY HOME VIDEO", with "The magic lives on…” over it. The Disney text is in its corporate font in golden yellow, while the other text is light blue. The only animation in this part is the "WALT DiSNEY" text, which has glitter effects all over it, and then the text flashes when the Cartoon Classics theme begins playing. This screen soon fades to the Cartoon Classics logo, which consists of the print Walt Disney Home Video logo with the Sorcerer Mickey illustration next to it, while below that is a golden box with a neon blue glow with the light blue letters "CARTOON CLASSICS" inside it, which sparkle. It soon cuts to various clips of Disney animated cartoons, until the screen flips to reveal the logo for the respective release.

Technique: The Walt Disney Home Video logo portion uses Rotoscoped cel animation, while the transition effects and sparkling text use simple scanimate effects. The cartoon stock footage uses traditional hand-drawn 2D animation by Walt Disney Productions.

Audio: It starts with the standard 1981 Walt Disney Home Video tune, sped up and pitched up a bit. Then, it transitions off to a a funky tune that was used as the intro theme on several Disney cartoons, namely "Morris The Midget Moose", "Hooked Bear" and the 1955 reissue of the "El Gaucho Goofy" short from Saludos Amigos while the clips of the cartoons play. An announcer says: "Walt Disney Home Video presents: Cartoon Classics!". Near the end of the logo, he finishes with "A delightful series of cartoon programs featuring your favorite Disney characters!", and after that the music finishes.


  • Seen on the first wave of Walt Disney Cartoon Classics VHS and Laserdisc releases from 1983 until 1986.
  • It first appeared on Chip 'N' Dale with Donald Duck and Pluto, and last appeared on Silly Symphonies: Fanciful Fables and Silly Symphonies: Animal Tales.

2nd Logo (May 19, 1987-June 19, 1992)

Visuals: Various clips from many Disney animated shorts play (e.g, "The Band Concert", "Orphan's Benefit", "The Three Little Pigs", "Moving Day", "Mr. Duck Steps Out", etc.). Following the last clip (taken from "Mickey's Birthday Party"), a zoetrope effect plays revealing a blue/black background, with the zoetrope effect being a series of colorful pillars that spin. A large box with a square shape in the middle zooms out while another square and the "Walt Disney" logo script in red zoom out and in respectively. A golden box reading "CARTOON CLASSICS" with a gap in the middle zooms onto the screen while "Walt Disney" moves to a comfortable position. A diamond shape with Mickey Mouse's face zooms into the middle where the gap is, while pixie dust appears and forms the name of the respective release through a screen-wipe effect.


  • On some releases released outside of North America, the end screen is different. When the clip of "The Band Concert" plays, the scene is shortened, and it transitions through a wipe effect to a still image featuring a blue background with lighter blue stars on it, with the respective feature's name in the middle.
  • On the last three releases from this range (The Goofy World of Sports, Fun on the Job! and Happy Summer Days), the picture quality is much clearer, and the Mickey diamond is also replaced with one featuring Goofy, while a "Special Edition" banner appears below the diamond.

Technique: The stock footage uses traditional hand-drawn 2D animation by Walt Disney Productions, while the end portion uses CGI.

Audio: An extended version of the tune from the previous logo.


  • Seen on every Walt Disney Cartoon Classics release on VHS and Laserdisc from 1987 to 1992, and follows the 1986 "Sorcerer Mickey" Walt Disney Home Video logo on these VHS releases.
  • It first appeared on Here's Mickey!, Here's Donald!, Here's Goofy!, Here's Pluto! and Silly Symphonies!, and last appeared on The Goofy World of Sports, Fun on the Job! and Happy Summer Days.
  • It is also preserved on UK VHS releases of Here's Mickey!, Here's Donald!, Here's Goofy!, Here's Pluto! and Silly Symphonies!.
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