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Maximum Entertainment Limited was a VHS and DVD distributor based in the United Kingdom. They are well known for holding the exclusive UK and Irish license to distribute a wide range of products licensed from Jetix Europe in the country.

In September 2005, Air Music & Media (later MBL Group plc) purchased Maximum. With this, Air Music & Media closed their Hollywood DVD division in order to exclusively focus on releasing children's material through Maximum. MBL stopped distributing DVDs through Maximum after 2008 when Disney purchased Jetix Europe.

Logo (2004-2008)

Visuals: At first, there is a solid block of blue. It slowly zooms out and the words "MAXIMUM entertainment" in blue are revealed against a cloudy background. Underneath one of the M's, a bright light is seen. It goes forward, then up diagonally to form the dot over the "I". It shines brightly and the letters shine, as well the lights of them going from one end of the screen to another. The star then shines one more time.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A whooshing sound with a heavenly synth, which grows louder and louder until a "bling" and a cymbal crash is heard.

Availability: Can be found on UK Fox Kids/Jetix VHS and DVD releases, such as the 3D Action Man series, and the 2004 UK VHS release of Heathcliff: Volume 1, among others.

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