Green Bunny

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Green Bunny was a Japanese animation company that specialized in the production of hentai OVAs. It was a subdivision of Japanese corporation Happinet, owned by Namco Bandai Holdings. The company ceased operations as of August 3, 2008. They have about 40 series.

1st Logo (1980s-2000)

Visuals: On a black background, there is an outline of a woman's buttocks wearing a pink G-string (a type of thong). Then, the words "GREEN BUNNY" fly in to the top-left hand corner, leaving residue trails.

Technique: Simple text animation.

Audio: A rising series of high-pitched synthesized "twinkles", which sounds like the one used in the Walt Disney Television "Abstract Castle" logo.

Availability: Can possibly be seen on hentai releases from the company.

2nd Logo (May 25, 2000-August 2008)

Visuals: On a black background, a green ball flies toward the screen. This ball is quickly revealed to be part of a circular bunny that has white-green gradient fur, red eyes and a seemingly surprised expression. After the bunny jumps back, drawings of similar bunnies, outlined in various colors, appear and move all around the screen before exploding into dust. The main bunny begins to glow brighter and briefly becomes a 2D illustration before also exploding into dust, revealing a stylized "G" with an arrow that slightly zooms in. Various other bunnies like the main one then appear and, one-by-one, form the company name, "GREEN BUNNY". in an arc, and disappear as the logo shines.

Variant: There was a shorter version where it shows the last 5 seconds of the logo. It was mostly used in the end of the episode and trailers/promos from the company.

Technique: 2D and 3D animation.

Audio: A soft airy sound, followed by a soft hit. An ascending synth sound then plays with some quiet popping noises, then a beam sound is heard when the main bunny explodes. "Pew" sounds are heard when the bunnies form the text, ending with a bell synth ditty when the logo shines.

Availability: Like the previous logo, it can be seen on many hentai releases from the company on DVD and VHS. This can be also seen on Media Blasters DVD releases of them, most notably Mezzo-Forte and later prints of Kite in its uncensored version.

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