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Abbey Home Media was a British home entertainment company, formed on March 4, 2002, by Ian Miles, and his wife, Anne, shortly after its predecessor, Abbey Home Entertainment, was folded into Just Entertainment and the latter filed for administration. AHM acquired the home video division of Just, in addition to all ex-AHE assets and units, including Tempo Pre-School.

The company continued to release home media up until March 16, 2020, when it was announced by the company's social media pages and website that the company had ceased operations due to "uncertain circumstances", following the death of Anne Miles, the company's co-founder, on May 4, of the same year (her husband, Ian, passed away prior to his wife's death). The company was fully dissolved on December 13, 2022. Their assets are currently owned by other companies.

Abbey Home Media

1st Logo (2001-2005, 2014-2015)

Visuals: On a white background, there is the purple words "Abbey" and "Home Media" underneath, both in a generic sans-serif font.

Early Variant: The logo originally appeared with a different font ("Abbey" looks more bold and "Home Media" is narrower) and off-center.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Audio Variant: On one CBeebies DVD, the sound from the later variant of the Abbey Home Media DVD logo is used.


  • The original "off-centered" version can be found on VHS releases from the company, such as Rupert and the Sage of Um, Bumper Favourites, Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, various Mona the Vampire releases, and the 2003 UK VHS release of The Night Before Christmas: A Mouse Tale, and so fourth.
    • It can also be found on a small number of DVD releases, such as The New Adventures of Mona the Vampire and Wow! That's What I Call Christmas.
  • The later variant is also intact on Horrid Henry: Completely Horrid Complete Collection - Series 3, and on at least one CBeebies DVD, although it is unknown which one it is.

2nd Logo (2014-March 16, 2020)

Visuals: On a white background, there is some white, blue, purple and cyan wavy columns going upwards and forming "Abbey", like in Pompéia Fashion Weekend promos, as white and grey metallic ribbons fly by when the white columns finish going up. "Abbey" turns blue and "Home Media" fades in underneath.

Technique: CGI made with MAXON CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects.

Audio: A low majestic fanfare, and when the logo is formed, there is a high fanfare at the end, not fitting the logo well.


  • Seen on then-current Abbey Home Media DVD releases.
  • Its last known appearance was on the Peter Rabbit DVD "The Tale of the First Bluebell".

Abbey Home Media DVD

Logo (November 11, 2002-2014)

Visuals: On a white background, there is the drawn words "Abbey Home Media" underneath a light blue oval with two six-point stars, red and yellow circular ends, and "DVD" in it.


  • On content released under license from Prism Leisure Corporation, the logo is squished.
  • Starting in 2005, "Abbey Home Media" draws itself in as a magic comet flies by and reveals the "DVD" oval above.

Technique: On the normal logo, none. On the later variant, CGI.

Audio: None.

Audio Variant: The later variant has a magical sparkle sound.


  • It can be found on almost every Abbey Home Media, Tempo, and Tempo Pre-School DVD release from the time-period until 2014.
  • Its first known appearances were on Silent Night: The Story of the First Christmas and Action Man: Explosive Situation, respectively.
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