Westcon Home Video

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Logo (1980s)

Visuals: There is a revolving grayish-dark blue globe up close at an angle, with black land masses that have white outlines (which is stock footage from Cascom, used on some TV stations including KHOU). Zooming in are the words "WESTCON HOME VIDEO" in a metallic-blue color. The byline "A WESTCON COMPANY ©" fades in below. The map fades out.

Technique: Early computer graphics.

Audio: A calm country tune performed on an electric piano with an announcer saying "The best in movie entertainment, brought to you by Westcon Home Video" (in English, despite being a Swedish company).

Availability: Can be seen on various budget VHS tapes from Sweden, like Cowboys På Villovägar and Ebony, Ivory och Jade.

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