VPH Video Programm

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VPH Video Programm was a German home video distributor based on Munich.

Logo (1980s?)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a red spiral spinning at the center. Once it stops, a sky-blue, rounded "v" appears at the left portion of the spiral, a letter "p" overwrites the red spiral, and the letter "h" appears on the right side, forming the sky-blue rounded letters "vph". It stays still for 5 seconds until it fades away, causing the text: "Video Programm" to wipe in from left to right in the middle, along with "München" wiping in at the bottom of "Programm".

Variants: One particular variant uses 2 thin red lines appearing on top and the bottom of the "vph" as it is fully formed, with one being bigger than the other. It stays there until the end.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A somber synth flute theme.

Availability: This was seen on their release of Totenkopf auf weissen Segeln. The variant was seen on an unknown release.

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