VIP's Video Productions

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Logo (1986-1990?)

Visuals: There are two sets of blurry, likely heavily contrasted lights set on a black background. The company's logo, a white rounded square with a flat inside containing a white "VVP" with the middle "V" taking up most of the space within it, shortly fades in the middle and simply zooms in for a few seconds. After a while, the logo fades out.

Technique: Analog computer effects.

Audio: A gong sound effect.

Availability: So far spotted in some VHS releases such as Ο Δον Ζουάν ήταν κερατάς and Όλυμπος: Θάνατος στην κατοικία των θεών. May also have been seen on other VHS rips from the company, but not much has been known due to little information surfacing online regarding this company.

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