Time Magnetics

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Time Magnetics is a film distribution and production company that mainly operates from 1993. Their operations included film production (1995-2004), distribution of soundtracks (as Time Audio), and ocassionally home video distribution. During their film production times, the company was also known to be called Time Audio Video and Time Films International. The company still operates in home video distribution, however.

Logo (1993-)

Visuals: There is a sunset sky and a dark Indian god sculpture. The lightning of the set changes, so the sky darkens and the Indian god sculpture is revealed, revealing its white color and details (actually is Mahavira). Mahavira is wearing just a turban, has a red shard on his forehead, an emblem on his chest, and he's crossing his hands above his legs. Like most Indian religious logos, the name of the company doesn't appear.

Variant: On the movies distributed by the company as a home video distributor, like Darwaza: the sunset sky is orange and brown, and there's no previous revealing. Behind the head of Mahavira appears an orange light which is moving around itself.

Technique: Live action and practical effects. The distribution variant uses CGI.

Audio: An Indian theme with tanpura and a man singing.

Audio Variant: The early variant has a deep male voice speaking in Hindi.

Availability: Can be seen on any film produced by them at that time including Krishna, Jodi No. 1, Maseeha, among others, most of which can be found on YouTube. Also has been seen on some movies distributed by this company, like Andhera, Lootera and Darwaza, which can be found in YouTube.

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