Sunset Video (France)

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1st (known) Logo (1981-1987?)


  • 1981-1983: On a starfield with zooming lights, multiple large 4-pointed light zoom towards the screen before vanishing, leaving small 5-pointed stars in their place. Other stars are shown flying off at different angles off-screen. As the last lights disappear, they leave behind the text "SUNSET VIDEO" made from the stars, of which a dark red, white, and blue tri-stripe version of the text appears behind them, and the stars sparkle.
  • 1983-1987: On the same background as before, bands of 5-pointed white stars zoom out from all sides of the screen, appearing in beat to the music. As the bands form the shape of letters, outlines appear around the stars to encase them in a thick font. Working their way from the sides to the center of the screen, except for the "T", the letters form the text "SUNSET VIDEO" in a thick font. The logo then glows with red, white, and blue neon stripes, and pings of light appear on the stars for a few seconds.

Technique: Camera-controlled 2D animation and chroma-keyed lights.

Audio: A disco/classical piece that starts on the warning screen. Its actually a track from an unknown album released by Masouza Music, their parent company.

Availability: Sunset Video distributed French and Greek dubs of B-movies, so they can be found on any tapes bearing their logo. Here's a (nearly) completed list of their catalog.

2nd Logo (1987?-1989)

Visuals: On a black background, a 4-pointed star with a sky blue aura to it appears off-center to the upper right, swoops around to the left, and then zooms straight up to off-screen. A ping of light then appears in the center of the screen, also emitting a sky blue aura, emerges and stretches out into a horizontal line, crackling and forming a outlined "S" with a bright sky blue aura. The letters "UNSET" zoom out one-by-one to the upper right of the "S", first in turquoise and then in white, as the glow dies down on the "S". "SUNSET" then brightly glows for a second, the background brightening up as well, before it cuts out and 4-pointed stars ping all over the text in a gold aura. A red rounded rectangle frame zooms out and flies into the upper left corner with a trail effect, and then comes back around the text as it shifts angles. "VIDEO" then wipes into view choppily, the text fills with red, a white border draws in the red frame from the upper left clockwise, and then the inside fills in with blue. Finally, a star outline zooms out and plasters itself in-between the letters, filling with yellow.

Technique: Motion-controlled and cel animation.

Audio: An excerpt of the French pop song "Une Autre Histoire" (Another Story) by Gerard Blanc, which also starts on the warning screen: this came out in May 1987.

Availability: Same as above.

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