Panasonic Entertainment

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Logo (1994-1995)

Visuals: A flash appears, and turns into an raindrop on a purple-gradient background. The raindrop pans onto an blue circle with some water-like image, and the circle zooms out and flashes. Then, a circle made with bubbles, zooms through us, as the texture of the Panasonic logo forms in. Then, the blue Panasonic logo places through its texture as the background turns white. After a few seconds it fades off.

Technique: CGI by Matsushita AVC Tech.

Audio: Some chime sounds and a whoosh, followed by an ascending synth choir and a glockenspiel. It ends in a synth fanfare.

Availability: The logo was only used for MUSE analog HD LaserDiscs (which were pretty much an experimental development of the LaserDisc; MUSE LD players and titles were only sold in Japan due to HDTV technologies being a little common in there) of Hollywood productions such as the 1994 print of Jurassic Park. It's unknown if this appears on other MUSE LaserDiscs as well.

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