PAP Video

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Logo (1986?)

NOTE: The video has been blocked in a few countries due to the copyrighted music.

Visuals: After about a half-second of black screen, the logo begins as a yellow "starburst" zooms away from the front of the screen and appears smaller, a trail made up of three lines showing the zooming effect. Quickly, viewers can see a white line coming diagonally from the top right corner and hitting the starburst just before a giant letter A appears. The A zooms in, starburst now out of sight, and the trail it leaves causes the A to appear rainbow before it "hits" the screen and is revealed to be white. Two letter P's zoom in the same fashion and appear on either side of the A, spelling PAP. The word "VIDEO" zooms in and appears slightly smaller beneath PAP, and as it zooms in, a chunky red outline fades in behind the words. The area surrounding the words fills in as a white box, and the rest of the background is still black. If you look very closely, you can see a small frame (which appears to be a faded red or orange color) forms around the white. Soon after that, the logo gives way to a hefty wall of shaky, white Greek warning text on a black background.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: An over-saturated snippet from the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe.

Availability: Likely found on Greek tapes of the time, but due to a possible lawsuit (which is why there's one known year of this logo's usage and the music used probably without permission), not many tapes were distributed by them.

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