Merlin Video

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Merlin Video was a UK pre-cert label and a subsidiary of (at the time) West German distributor VCL around the early 80s.

Logo (May 1982-March 1984)

Visuals: The screen zooms in to a starfield, until the screen fades in into a zooming galaxy. Then suddenly is lightning strike, revealing dark clouds, as the Merlin Video logo zooms in, which is a steel blue-colored shield with 6 lightning bolts protruding from the top and the bottom, with "Merlin" in a very "Shakespearean" font, and "VIDEO" in a sans-serif font. Then the background turns white.

Technique: Traditional animation and chyron effects.

Audio: The sounds of thunder.

Availability: Seen on VCL and CBS/Fox pre-cert releases in the UK. It was seen on their infamous video nasties such as Zombie Creeping Flesh, The Mad Foxes, and Massacre at Central High.

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