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Logo (Early 1990s)

Visuals: The screen fades in from black to see, on a starfield, three rainbow-colored splotches appearing from the bottom of the screen to converge on each other at the top left of the screen before flying around the screen while quickly transforming into various different animals, which are, in order, fish, lizards and birds. The birds fly off-screen as a red rocket flies in from the left, with stylized fire shooting from behind it at the camera before it takes off and a blue winged unicorn gallops in, following the rocket until it too moves off-screen while leaving a short trail of sparkles. Two arched streams, one orange-red and the other green and the former containing various objects such as a flying saucers, a popsicle and a train while the latter contains birds and fish, come in from the bottom-left of the screen to the top-center before coming down and swirling in on each other, forming a bright glow that swirls around to leave a rainbow-colored trail to create the company's logo. The company name, which is the cyan text "MY•TV" with both words separated by a red dot, fades in under the swirl.

Technique: 2D traditional animation.

Audio: An upbeat, soft and wondrous tune prominently featuring a percussion instrument and light, chime-like notes similar to the Fantasia soundfont preset, the former possibly a marimba. Sound effects accompanying this logo includes the sound of children chattering, whooshes and horse galloping.

Availability: Seen on at least one VHS release, which is Cartoon Funtime.

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