M.G. Video (India)

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Logo (1983-1990's)

Visuals: There is the planet Earth spinning and zooming in against a stock space background. The stock space background then turns a solid red background, where we see two dark blue rectangles wiping from up to down against the planet Earth, forming an abstract letter "M". Once complete, a red "G" can be seen drawing inside of the earth, which is followed by "VIDEO" appearing letter by letter below the "M". The "M" zooms for a short period of time to make room for the company's name in green "M.G. VIDEO", which also can be seen zooming in beneath the logo. The text shifts its colors to green, to gold, to blue, to magenta, and then back to green, which is looped several times.

Technique: Live-action model work, practical effects and cel animation.

Audio: A weird sci-fi theme can be first heard, a whistle sound effect for the first rectangle along with a distorted brass note for the second rectangle, a futuristic synth theme plays afterwards, where zooming sounds can be heard when the word "VIDEO" appears, a crescending synth note along with a dramatic orchestral sting when "M.G. Video" zooms in. a fast sitar theme is then played afterwards ending with another dramatic orchestral sting, which is looped twice.

Availability: This logo appears from their VHS releases, including Bhavna and Godhuli.

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