Kino Video

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Logo (1985-1990)

Visuals: After the warning screen disappears, 2 pulsing lights draw a white cross on the screen, first from left to right, then up to down. A bow and arrow tip appear alongside the right side of the screen, with the rest of the cross disappearing after that a few seconds later. The arrow tip flashes once and then pulls the bow back. The arcus then zooms out to right center and is encased in a sky blue square with long trails the left of it wiping in. A white "K" then appears in top center, zooms out to the streaked section below, and flashes, with more white letters flashing in to form the words "Kino Video" stacked on top of each other. After a few more seconds, the words "Kino Video Ltd" appears one-by one in the same font as the other "Kino Video", but in sky blue with streaking trails extending below them, before being capped off with white in reverse order one by one.

Trivia: The bow animation is actually taken from ERT's channels at the time, where it was among the many animations used in between commercials.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: Lots of electronic melodies combined with an eerie disco-synth tune. The music is actually "Metatron" by Martin Rev off of his Clouds of Glory album.

Availability: Appears on many Greek videotapes of movies like Slugs, Cobra Verde, Dream Demon, Dead End Drive-In, and A Breed Apart, among others.

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