KM Video

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Logo (1981-1982)

Visuals: The logo begins with a purple background. Several horizontal waves wipe the purple background to reveal a black background with flashing red/purple/green lights. The words "KM VIDEO", slowly zoom towards the screen. After a few seconds of more flashing, the company name becomes static. The logo then switches to outer space. A rotating silvery-blue globe with the red glow and riddled with a few stars zooms toward the viewers. The globe becomes a red sphere of light and grows to take up the entire screen. The word "presents" appears on the red background.

Technique: Typical Scanimate effects of the time.

Audio: An eerie, new-age synth tune.

Availability: Seen on videotapes distributed by the company, which were mainly public domain cartoons, pornography, and horror films, most notably Escape from Hell, which was released as Hell Prison by KM Video.

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