Inter-Ocean Video

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Inter-Ocean Video was Video Programme Distributors' first off-shoot video label that was known for its pre-cert releases of horror and martial arts films.

Logo (1980-Feburary 1983)

Visuals: On a white background with a thick black border, there is a strange black polygonal outline (which looks somewhat like two mountains). Above it is a black 3D sphere with little dots on it. Below both drawings is the text "INTER-OCEAN VIDEO" in black, with "VIDEO" outlined. The text is set in a 70's-era rounded futuristic font.


  • On some UK pre-cert releases, the background may be blue or red.
  • On some Australian releases, the background is solid blue, the outline is in red, and the inside colour of the globe is white.

Technique: A still printed image.

Audio: Just a male announcer announcing a copyright warning over the entire logo- "The copyright proprietor has licensed the film contained in this videocassette for private home use only. Any other use including making copies of the film, causing it to be seen or heard in public, or broadcasting it or causing it to be transmitted to subscribers to a diffusion service, or selling, letting on hire, exchanging, or otherwise dealing with it in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of Inter-Ocean Video."

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the phrase "letting on hire, exchanging" is omitted in the voiceover.


  • Seen on many pre-cert releases from the UK.
  • A few examples are video nasties of Black Sabbath, Perversion Story and many others.
  • It was also seen on many martial arts films featuring Bruce Lee.
  • It's unknown on how many Australian releases have the blue/red variant.
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