Impacto Vision

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Logo (1980's)

Visuals: The first element shown is a red background for a few seconds. It reveals to be a red circle very close to the viewer, which appears to be zooming outwards to the top-left direction against a royal blue background, and stops when it becomes small. The circle is seen to be blinking, as a bunch of curved flashing lines appear right next to the circle, representing an antenna transmitting signal rays. This is then followed by the text "ımpacto" appearing from the left side of the screen letter-by-letter, and places itself underneath the circle, with the red circle being a dot of the letter "i", along with "Video" in a wavy font sliding in from the right side of the screen until it reaches the right-most part of "ımpacto". Lastly, "Video Producciones" slides up from the bottom, causing the animation to become static.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A faint guitar solo with a bass line, which is possibly ripped from a song.

Availability: Unknown. It was most likely seen on Argentine VHS releases from the time. [Examples?]