Fax Video Design

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Logo (1980s)

Visuals: Zooming in from the warning screen, shifting lines reveal the 3D text "FAX VIDEO DESIGN" with "FAX" in the geometrical Pac-Man-esque font with "VIDEO DESIGN" in the sans-serif font on the horizontal slab below "FAX", on a background that changes from yellow to orange and back again. A moving chyron pattern appears on the text. The text changes to black at the front, while the background changes to a black-yellow gradient, and the text changes color with it. The text "PRESENTA" zooms out, which flashes. The shifting lines appear again, and all but the PRESENTA text disappear, which zooms in.

Technique: Typical computer animation.

Audio: Portions of "Empire" by Tom Elliott, continuing from the warning screen, which is the same tune heard in the Argentina Video Home and Video Star logos, but with the latter two at different cue points.

Availability: Check any tapes from Argentina that have Fax Video Design's logo on it. [Examples?]

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