Electric Video

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Electric Video was a division of Virgin Video in the UK and Video Classics in Australia (though Virgin would soon take over Down Under). It's best known for releasing Electric Blue, a pornographic television series, on tape.

Logo (1981-January 1986?)

Visuals: The sequence starts out on a space background with stars zooming. There is many pieces being put together, revealing the text:


with "electric" in the Electric Blue script font and "VIDEO" in the same font as "BLUE" in the Electric Blue logo. The space BG disappears, and "PRESENTS" appears under "electric VIDEO".

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: A distorted whooshing sound, then a synth beeping tune after the pieces being put together. The jingle may have also been heard on some Electric Blue promotional trailers combined with an announcer.

Availability: Only seen on porn movies in the UK and Australia. [Examples?]

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