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DeAPlaneta is the film distribution and home entertainment branch of Planeta DeAgostini, a joint venture between Grupo Planeta and De Agostini.

Logo (2001-)

Visuals: The camera moves down through the clouds, starting from the stars and mild weather, through the rain layers and again to the calm sky. Then it appears that the screen zooms through the hills under evening skies. An astronomic tower appears, and the night falls, lighting stars. The tower opens and casts light, which turns the whole logo into picture of a tower sending lights and "DeAPlaneta" below in a silver font.


  • A home entertainment variant exists, which cuts around 5 seconds of the logo. At the end, it fades on a white background containing a flat-colored version of the symbol with the byline "HOME ENTERTAINMENT".
  • A low-pitched variant exists, for NTSC releases.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Calm ambience with string composition, composed by the electronic music duo Balago.

Availability: Seen in Spain on many local releases of foreign movies such as The Princess Bride, Neverending Story and 12 Years of Slavery, and also on Spanish movies such as Pancho, el perro millonario. It's still in use to this day. Also seen on Balago's YouTube channel.

Legacy: This logo, and particularly its music, appears to be a favorite to those who grew up in Spain in the 2000s based on Google Translated YouTube comments.

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