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Logo (1989-1991)

Visuals: The logo starts by fading into a VHS tape, marked with a red triangle with a grid pattern on it, flying through a red plain, with a clear sky and grey pillars surrounding it, and a white VHS player in the distance. The tape swerves around the space as the camera follows suit, flying through until we reach the VHS player, which the camera lifts up to reveal that there's a transparent window showing off the text "DMS" in a geometric, Pac-Man-esque font. and "LIMITED" below in spaced out letters. Finally, the tape goes inside of the player as the camera zooms into the newly-formed logo, as a shadow casts itself off the triangle and the logo freeze-frames.

Technique: CGI done on an Amiga computer.

Audio: A rising synth tom-tom sound and a three-note synth fanfare with bass backing plays. When the triangle casts a shadow, there is the gong sound followed by a twinkling sound.

Audio Variant: At the end of most VHS titles, the twinkling sound heard at the end of the logo holds on for a few more seconds before fading out completely.

Availability: This can be found on all Professor Playtime and Rat-A-Tat-Tat tapes from the company.

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