Children World

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Logo (1998-2000s?)

Visuals: A vector illustration of the Earth with a baby crawling on it zooms out and settles at the center of the screen against a black background as a red light flies around it clockwise emitting gold sparkles. The image shakes as the light flies away leftwards. A gold light then appears behind the image and forms a shining red ring around it anticlockwise. The text "CHILDREN WORLD" with yellow borders then appears on the ring. Both the ring and the text then slightly tilt downwards as two golden fireworks explode in the background at the top left and the top right sides of the screen. Two more of them explode at the top and the right sides of the screen. The ring stops shining as another two of them explode at the top right and the top sides of the screen.

Technique: 2D computer (possibly Flash) animation.

Audio: An eleven-note synth fanfare, accompanied by glitter and swooshing sounds. Before the theme ends, the sound of a baby making a quiet noise plays. The theme ends with a piano note. Then, two firework explosions play, accompanied by two more. Two more explosions play to finish off the audio.

Availability: It appears at the beginning of VCD releases from the company, after their warning screen, such as Nursery Songs: Volume 1 and Nursery Songs: Volume 2.

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