Carey Home Video

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Carey Home Video was a British home video distributor in the 1980s.

Logo (December 1984-December 1985?)

Visuals: On a black background, a white segmented "C" zooms in and stops in the center, almost taking up the whole screen. Another "C" in blue then zooms in from behind the white "C" and turns it blue. Meanwhile, white and blue lines shoot in from the sides and stop on the "C". Parts of 7 parallelograms then appear one-by-one behind the "C". The blue text "CAREY HOME VIDEO" then fades in, outlined in white. A byline saying "A DIVISION OF CAREY COMMUNICATIONS LTD." also appears below in the same style, but smaller.

Technique: Analog 2D animation.

Audio: A long synth whoosh, then a shorter whoosh. This is followed by multiple "zaps" when the lines form the logo.

Availability: Seen on pre-cert tapes from the UK. Old pre-cert tapes have been known for being very obscure and very hard to find, even within the United Kingdom. It did turn up on a VHS release for Murder: Ultimate Grounds for Divorce, released through Karl-Lorimar Home Video.

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