Animage Video

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Animage Home Video was a home video label of Tokuma Japan Communications formed in 1986, made largely to distribute Studio Ghibli's films. After making a deal with Disney in 1996 to distribute their films in Japan, Animage was shut down and effectively replaced with the Ghibli ga Ippai Collection the next year.

Logo (1986-1996)

Visuals: The screen fades in to a blue background, with the logo growing into view. It consists of the word "Animage" and the 80s circular word "Video", with a rounded rectangle to the right containing 2 googly eyes and three lines underneath that go down, right-up and down, making it resemble some sort of worm creature. It then fades out.

Variant: On early tapes, the logo is still.

Technique: Scanimate animation. None for the variant.

Audio: None.

Availability: It can be seen on probably every Japanese Ghibli release during the time period. It can also be seen on Battle Royal High School, both Japan (Tokuma Japan Communications) and American (AnimEigo) masters.

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