Alparslan Video

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Alparslan Video is an obscure Turkish video company which was around in the 1980s.

Logo (Mid-1980s)

Visuals: On a black background with one giant blue vertical stripe and several smaller horizontal stripes, an orange square with a crown inside zooms out to the left, with a dust trail following it. Afterwards, an orange rectangle with the text "KASETTE KRAL MARKA" (which translates to "THE KING BRAND OF CASSETTES") zooms forward, also leaving dust trail following the rectangle and the text. Once said rectangle and text stop, an oblong shape with "alparslan" inside of said shape wipes upward. Once the oblong shape and text are completely seen, the aforementioned shapes and the two sets of text immediately stretch forward and flip backwards. Then, the shapes and text re-appear by dropping down from the top-left, and an address, phone numbers, and fax numbers fade in below. Finally, everything outside of the background fades away.

Technique: Motion graphics.

Audio: A groovy moog synthesizer disco tune.

Availability: Seen on PAL tapes in Turkey from the period. [Examples?]