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The Video Music Collection was a joint venture between EMI's Picture Music International and The Video Collection's Futurevision Limited that released budget releases of their library.

Logo (1980s)

Visuals: On a black background, a white outer rectangle is formed. Then, "the" fades on top and "COLLECTION" moves below, forming the usual Video Collection logo. However, it then cuts to the word "Video" taking up half the screen. Tthe word "Music" fades below as they both rotate in the usual sharp diagonal angle position while the red box forms and the text gains the usual black/white colour.

Technique: Simple 2D animation transitions.

Audio: Starts with a shrill violin sound, and then a sudden rock tune plays once the "Video Music" portion appears.

Availability: Appears on budget VHS releases of Picture Music International content from the time-period, such as NOW Music, Pink Floyd and The Very Best of Hot Chocolate.

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