Heron Home Entertainment

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Logo (1985-1993?)

Visuals: There is an Earth globe from a satellite view at the bottom of the screen scrolling in our direction (with the British Isles in the center) against a black sky. Two pairs of red and yellow squares go flying out in the distance, curving around to the right and back to the center in a pattern with a large gap in between. The Heron Communications logo with the colored stripes is wiped in, and a curved filmstrip forms behind it and shines, and "A HERON INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION" appears below. The sky also slowly turns purple.


  • At the end of some tapes, it only shows the filmstrip shining.
  • On VHS releases, "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" zooms in below and "A HERON INTERNATIONAL COMPANY" is in smaller text on a black bar.
  • Sometimes, "FILM CORPORATION" appears below the logo on films.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A ten-note synth horn fanfare with two extra notes at the end as the British Isles appears. It sounds vaguely like the Sunrise portion of Also Sprach Zarathustra. The end variant is silent.


  • Seen on films released on the Heron Home Entertainment label, mainly in the UK, such as Open House and Lace II.
  • It also appears on the 1985 UK pre-cert VHS release of Christopher Columbus as well.
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