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1st ID (February 1, 1999-2001?)


  • Rocket: The ID begins on a closeup of a child dressed as a pilot giving a salute; it zooms out to reveal the child within a house-shaped rocket that is flying through a cloudy sky. Next, on a space background with golden foil-like stars, the rocket flies over the Earth toward the left of frame, and then flies over the moon. The Earth is shown again as the rocket flies down toward an X marked in the Pacific Ocean; the rocket dives into the ocean, with a splash of water briefly covering the screen. The scene changes to an underwater view, where the rocket moves through the water toward the foreground, while a school of fish cross in front of it. The rocket swims downward and out of frame, before it rises upward and covers the screen; the faces of some children can be seen within the rocket's windows. The rocket flies up and out of the water, landing on the shore of a jungle. Black legs grow from the rocket, and it walks through the jungle before it stops in a sunny meadow with waving red tulips. The legs recede into the rocket, and a set of stairs lower from it. The scene changes to a close-up on the rocket's Mickey Mouse head-shaped door, which is covered with rainbow glitter. The door slides upward to reveal a girl smiling and waving; at the same time, the door transforms into a textless Disney Channel logo, and rises out of the rocket into the sky, with the Playhouse Disney elements taking their place and forming the final logo.
  • What's the Color?: On an abstract background with flying letters and paint splatters, three visuals are shown, all consisting of a girl painting on an easel while standing on a rotated, textless Disney Channel logo. The logos rotate clockwise toward the left of frame, with a fourth instance of the logo following in the same direction. A fifth logo containing the girl (this time at its proper angle, and with the 'Disney' wordmark inside) slides in from the right of frame, as the name of a given color appears below it. The logo slides down, knocking the color's name out of the frame, as the 'Playhouse' element of the logo takes its place.

Technique: 2D and 3D computer animation mixed with live action footage by Beehive.

Audio: Depends on the variant:

  • Rocket: A happy joyful tune that interpolates Disney Channel's jingle of the era, including sound effects for the rocket flying and splashing.
  • What's the Color?: A quirky, twanging tune that begins with a cymbal hit. A narrator repeats "What's the color?" three times, and a group of children announce the name of a given color.

Availability: Retired in April 2001, upon the introduction of the second on-air look.

2nd ID (2000-2003?)

Visuals: On a white background with rapidly moving green lines and dots, the 1999-2002 Playhouse Disney logo is seen. A rocket flies up to the screen; it cuts to the rocket diving into the ocean (taken from the prior "Rocket" ID). Clips and logos of various Playhouse Disney shows of the era (PB&J Otter, Out of the Box, Bear in the Big Blue House, The Book of Pooh, Madeline, The Little Mermaid, Rolie Polie Olie, and the lost Stanley pilot) are shown, along with footage of kids playing inside the Playhouse Disney playhouse set from the era. At the end, Olie from Rolie Polie Olie crashes into the screen, and the ID cuts back to the Playhouse Disney logo.


  • When this aired on Playhouse Disney, the logo lacked the "CHANNEL" text at the bottom.
  • The original version of the ID featured further clips from The Book of Pooh and Out of the Box instead of footage from the lost Stanley pilot.
  • A 30-second edit exists, with rearranged clips, different clips from Bear in the Big Blue House and Madeline, and a new shot of three children dancing on the same white and green background as the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A jazz/techno theme with a man scatting throughout and a deep voice saying "Groove it on..." known as "Scatterbrain" by Andrew Blythe and Marten Joustra. There are also several sound effects (whooshes, an explosion, Hanna-Barbera sounds, etc.).

Audio Variants:

  • On VHS tapes, the deep voice is absent and then-current Playhouse Disney announcer Allyce Beasley says "Playhouse Disney! Every morning, only on... Disney Channel!"
  • When this aired on Playhouse Disney as a promo, the theme and sound effects were slightly different.
  • The post-2001 promos have relatively few sound effects and Allyce Beasley saying "Catch [NAME OF SHOW] every morning inside Playhouse Disney, where learning is powered by imagination!"


  • Seen on VHS tapes of The Book of Pooh and Rolie Polie Olie, as well as the 25th Anniversary Edition VHS of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and the 2002 VHS of Winnie the Pooh: Un-Valentine's Day.

3rd ID (April 16, 2001-March 30, 2007, November 20, 2007-February 19, 2008)

Visuals: There are multiple variations, but the general theme is showcasing children at play on abstract, patterned backgrounds.

  • Hats (2001) - A boy flips a top hat in his hands; stars fall from it as he puts it on his head and pulls on the brim. Next, a girl puts on a pith helmet while a blue elephant's trunk brays behind her. Then, another girl puts on a beret and flips a pink scarf over her shoulder, as a purple cartoon rendition of the Eiffel Tower wobbles in the background. Next, another boy puts on a pirate hat, and "squawks" like a parrot, while a lime green sailboat moves leftward in the background. Finally, a third boy wearing a sailor's cap turns to face the viewer, and throws a salute as the logo is seen.
  • Music and Blocks (2001) - On a yellow background with orange waves and blue circles moving about, a girl in a tutu prances toward the left side of the screen, while a sinuous purple line moves and briefly coils around her like a ribbon. The girl exits the frame as a visual of a seated boy building a block tower moves from the left of frame to the right; the purple line moves to the right side of the boy, and transforms into a tower of five blocks (one purple, and two each in blue and green) that collapses. As the boy moves off-screen, another boy enters at the right of the frame, running in the background with a magnifying glass, while three blue bubbles float behind him. Simultaneously, a visual of a girl playing a drum slides in from the left of frame; the girl smiles as she moves off-screen. A music note dances next to her, swirls briefly, and separates into more bubbles that float to the top of the screen; the boy from before runs back to the right of frame. Then, a close-up of that same boy (looking at the viewer through a magnifying glass) briefly rises from the bottom of the screen, and slides down again. The ID ends with the girl in a tutu pulling off a ballerina's pose as the logo is seen.
  • Dancing (2001) - The ID consists of quick cuts between three different sequences of children dancing: two girls dancing side-by-side, a third girl dancing by herself, and a boy dancing wildly. The ID ends with a visual of a fourth girl dancing as the logo is seen.
  • Playing (2001) - The ID consists of quick cuts between different sequences of children playing. First, three girls are seen playing Ring Around the Rosie as a line of yellow bubbles surrounds them. Then, a boy is seen spinning around, with a sinuous blue line swirling around him. Next, a shot of a girl pulling the boy from before on a wagon, walking to the right of the screen; a wavy yellow arrow points in their direction. Then, a shot of two girls hula-hooping, with exaggerated motion effects in teal surrounding their hula-hoops. The ID cuts back to the Ring Around the Rosie kids as they fall, with a yellow 'splatter' effect beneath them. Finally, the wagon kids quickly walk from the right to the left of the frame, as the yellow bubble line appears and trails to the bottom of the screen. The ID ends with a girl waving at the viewer as the logo is seen.
  • Silly Faces (2001) - The ID is comprised of quick shots of children playing with each other, laughing, and making faces. The ID ends with the logo flying in from the top of the screen and settling at the bottom left, while a shot of the 1st boy laughing slides in next to the logo, and the slogan wipes in from left to right.
  • Jack-in-the-Box - On a blue and green background, a red jack-in-the-box twirls toward the viewer. Next, a cut to three children, where a boy cranks the jack-in-the-box, and it reveals a paintbrush and palette; the other two children react with surprise. Then, another boy hands the box to another girl, who cranks it again; out pops a book, which opens and reveals letters of the alphabet. Like before, the girl reacts with a surprised look. It then cuts to a final shot of two girls holding the jack-in-the-box and smiling, which slides in from the right as the logo and slogan appear.
  • Fishing - A boy fishes from a red wash tub as two children watch. He fishes a multicolored shoe with spots out of the bucket as the other children react with surprise. It then cuts to two other children; a girl fishing from the same tub, while another boy watches. She fishes out a yellow fish wearing a top hat, which tips its hat as the ID cuts to a close-up of the girl looking surprised. The fish returns to the bucket as the children watch. The ID ends on a shot of another girl splashing in the bucket as the logo and slogan appear.

Seasonal and Holiday Variants: These followed the same structure, ending with the name of the season (or holiday) on a white, abstract cloud-like shape, and the Playhouse Disney logo appearing either on the right of the screen (from 2001-2002) or the left (from 2002-2007).

  • Spring - On a yellow background with orange and blue flowers, two girls are seen hula-hooping. It cuts to a close-up of one girl with a red hula-hoop, before cutting to an the abstract 'cloud' expanding and shrinking on the right side of the screen, with the text "It's Spring!". The Playhouse Disney logo slides up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Summer - On a light blue background with moving waves, an upside-down boy is seen smiling as two fish (one yellow, and one orange) swim in opposite directions behind him. The boy moves upward, and bubbles rise from each fish's mouths. One bubble rises from the bottom right of the screen and morphs into the abstract 'cloud'. The text "It's Summer!" briefly expands and shrinks into the 'cloud' just as the orange fish exits the frame, and the Playhouse Disney logo appears.
  • Fall - On a light orange background with multicolored leaves falling, a girl pulls a boy on a red wagon walking from right to left. The abstract 'cloud' slides in from the left and compresses on the right of the frame; the text "It's Fall" appears on the shape, while the Playhouse Disney logo slides up from the bottom left of the screen.
  • Winter - On a pastel blue background with falling snowflakes, a visual of a boy twirling in a circle is shown repeating at various sizes and places across the screen. Soon, the shots of the boy disappear, and the abstract 'cloud' bounces on the top left corner of the screen. The text "It's Winter!" appears on the shape, while the Playhouse Disney logo slides up from the bottom.
    • In the later version of this ID, the 'cloud' slides in from the top of the screen and settles in the top right, while the 2002 Playhouse Disney logo bounces up from the bottom left.
  • New Year's - On the same background as the Winter ID, footage of the boy in a top hat (from the Hats ID) is seen. After he tips his hat, the ad ends like the later version of the Winter ID, except the text reads "Happy New Year!".
  • Easter - On the same background as the Spring ID, a cartoon bunny bounces in from the left side of the screen. It hops to the right and quickly turns to face the viewer; it then bounces forward and exits the frame at the bottom of the screen. On the right of the frame, the abstract 'cloud' quickly expands and shrinks until it settles into place, with the text "Happy Easter!" growing and shrinking into the shape, and with the Playhouse Disney logo appearing.
  • Fourth of July - On an abstract red background with two blue flower-like shapes at the top and bottom, multiple white stars grow and shrink at various places on the screen. The white cloud object quickly expands and settles into place as the text "Happy 4th of July!" appears, as well as the logo.
  • Halloween - On the same background as the Fall ID, a cartoon black cat appears and winks at the viewer. The cat leaps down to the bottom right as the abstract 'cloud' quickly moves from the left and compresses at the right of the frame. After the cat exits, the text "Happy Halloween!" appears on the shape, and the logo moves up from the bottom left of the screen.
  • Thanksgiving - Same as the Halloween ID, except the cat is replaced by a turkey that shakes its tail, and the text "Happy Thanksgiving!" appears on the abstract shape.

Technique: A combination of 2D animation and chroma-key technology, like the 1st ID, this was done by Beehive.

Audio: Various themes that interpolate Playhouse Disney's jingle, depending on the variant.

Audio Variant: On IDs from 2001-2003 (with the exception of the seasonal and holiday IDs), then-current Playhouse Disney announcer Allyce Beasley says "You're inside Playhouse Disney" at the end.


  • Retired by April 2007, upon the introduction of the on-air look designed by Ca-Square.
  • The "Jack-in-the-Box" bumper can be seen at the beginning of bonus episodes on DVDs such as My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Super Sleuth Christmas Movie and Little Einsteins: Race For Space.

Legacy: These ID's are a big source of nostalgia for anyone who grew up with the channel around the 2000's.

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