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Sony Kids' Music/Video was the children's music and home video arm of Sony Music Entertainment formed in 1992. It was later renamed to Sony Wonder in 1993.

1st Logo (May 19, 1992-1993)

Visuals: On an salmon background filled with light brown silhouettes of kids playing musical instruments, a light blue upside down triangle is seen with a thick black outline, along with an arched banner in gold and an eighth note on it. Above it, the Sony logo is seen, while the arch has the jumbled text "KIDS' VIDEO" in-between the note.

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: An ominous, screechy choir, which sounds like something from a horror/thriller movie. This ends with a quick orchestral glissando, similar to the Paramount Television "Closet Killer" logo.

Availability: It was spotted on a 1992 VHS of Snow White. Also seen on VHS tapes of The Ratties.

2nd Logo (September 22, 1992-1993)

Visuals: In a room with a turquoise wall and a pink floor, with childish drawings on things scrolling on the wall and a checkerboard tile pattern on the floor, a redesigned logo from before is seen. While the set up is similar, the appearance has been drastically altered: the Sony logo is now in 3D and colored bright pink, the banner is a brighter yellow and lacks the outline, the "KIDS' VIDEO" text is now spaced further onto the edges and colored blue, and the triangle is replaced with a purple TV. Inside the TV, a cartoony aqua eighth note bounces and zooms around the screen, while a wavy pattern background rotates within it. It starts in hot pink and purple, before changing to yellow and green.


  • A longer version exists: the TV is shown bouncing around first, stretching as it does, and then settles in the middle. The left knob then flashes on the TV as it turns on and reveals the wavy background moving. The banner then flies out and swoops around, the Sony logo dropping and flexing a bit as well, and then settles behind the TV as "KIDS' VIDEO" flies out one-by-one. The knob then flashes again, revealing static and a odd pattern before it changes to the note bouncing around.
  • The background is also used on This Pretty Planet: Tom Chapin Live In Concert for the credits, with a disclaimer saying "A SONY Kids' Video Production" at the beginning.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: None or an upbeat synth pop soundtrack.

Audio Variant: On This Pretty Planet: Tom Chapin Live In Concert, it's the opening theme of the program, and the closing theme on the variant.

Availability: It was spotted on a 1992 VHS of This Pretty Planet: Tom Chapin Live In Concert. It also appears on some educational tapes like My First Cooking Video.

Sony Kids' Video
Sony Wonder
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