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Sky Scottish was a short-lived joint venture between British Sky Broadcasting and Scottish Television Enterprises, aimed towards Scottish audiences living outside of Scotland, and was one of the many television stations that tried to capitalize on the satellite broadcasting boom of the 1990s.

The channel launched on 1 November 1996, and only broadcast for two hours a day on channel 59 of the Astra 1D Satellite, initially with the short-lived Granada Talk TV and later with Sky Box Office 4. The channel closed on 31 May 1998 after the channel failed to meet financial targets for both companies. Rapture TV took over it's former space following closure, remaining until the end of August 2000.

1st ID (1 November 1996-31 October 1997)

Visuals: The standard Sky ID package used at the time. The background and Sky stripe are both indigo, and the Scottish Television "Thistle" appears below the stripe in a gold color.

Technique: CGI by Novocom.

Audio: The 1996 Sky Symphony, with a Scottish-sounding flare to it. The announcer says "This is Sky Scottish."

2nd ID (1 November 1997-31 May 1998)

Visuals: The standard Sky ID package used at the time. The bottom of the footage has the word "SCOTTISH" in the same font as the previous logo, with the stripe on the bottom featuring the Scottish Television "Thistle".

Technique: CGI and live-action.

Audio: Likely a music track and an announcer.

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