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Logo (1991)

Visuals: There is a blue space background with two planets at the left against a stone cave overlay. An unknown yellow/white object (presumably a plug) zooms in to the left, followed by a pink floppy disk zooming out at the bottom, then zooming in to the top. A computer keyboard comes out of the left side and zooms to the right side, and rotates 90 degrees to the right. A chipset then comes out of the top-left corner and also zooms to the right, then to the top. Finally, an axe also comes out of the left, goes to the center to face the camera, then the screen freezes and flashes to a blue/black gradient background with similar-looking stars, and a transparent cube with an axe inside it, with a desert reflection on the metallic part and native accessories. Around it the letters: "TOM" (vertically), and "AHAWK" (horizontally), which form the "TOMAHAWK" name, are seen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth theme, which abruptly ends with an explosion as the screen freezes, followed by a gong hit.

Availability: Seen on the 1991 game A.G.E (Advanced Galactic Empire), made with Coktel Vision.

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