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LBE Systems, L.L.C. (possibly an acronym for Location Based Entertainment) was an American video game developer based in Richardson, Texas that specialized in releasing PC-based arcade games. It is best known for having brought id Software's Quake (1996) to the arcades (titled Quake Arcade Tournament Edition) in 1998 (only 20 units were known to have been made before conflicts forced production to stop, and therefore never saw a wide release). It also is known for its SparkyNET OS arcade game network, which allowed for arcade cabinets to be linked together (up to 16; 64 with a host server) for multiplayer play.[1]

Logo (May 15, 1998)[1][a]

Visuals: Over a black background, a blue line is shown at a crossed position, partially overlapped by a vignette. A blue solid trail then quickly extends onto the line. Afterwards, the line disappears and the trail shortens itself, revealing an outline of some text, which then turns out to be "LBE Systems" in the Mistral font, at the center. The logo then shines and fades out.

Technique: CGI. This logo runs at 15 frames per second.

Audio: Same as the VHS/LaserDisc variant of the THX "Broadway" trailer, albeit in low, 16-bit quality, and with the first 2 seconds cut off.

Availability: Only known to appear on Quake Arcade Tournament Edition (1996/1998).

Legacy: The game that this logo was used on (Q:ATE) is considered one of the most obscure arcade games ever made, with only 20 known to have been made, and never seeing a wide release, hence its rarity.


  1. The corresponding AVI of the 1st logo (titled "lbe.avi") is dated May 18, 1998.


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