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In 1993, Iguana Entertainment purchased the British developer Optimus Software and rebranded them as Iguana UK or Iguana Entertainment UK. Both were purchased by Acclaim Entertainment in 1995.

In 1999, Acclaim rebranded the studio as Acclaim Studios Teesside.

Logo (May 1998)

Visuals: The standard "IGUANA" text flies in letter-by-letter, spinning and bouncing into view. Then the iguana, without glasses, appears climbing onto the text and looks around. Then the words "ENTERTAINMENT UK" with a spotlight effect appear under the "IGUANA" text.

Technique: CGI rendered using the game's engine.

Audio: The game's opening theme.

Availability: Appeared on the Nintendo 64 version of Forsaken, known in the United States as Forsaken 64. Most games developed by the studio merely use the standard Iguana logo.

Optimus Software
Iguana UK
Acclaim Studios Teesside
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