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Milkshake! (stylised as milkshake!) is the children's programming block of Channel 5 aimed at children aged 2-12, airing from 5:40-9:15 (5:40-9:55 on weekends).

1st ID (March 31, 1997-September 10, 2000)

Visuals: On a blue liquid background with some bubbles rising, a letter "m" inflates until it pops. A yellow background with a letter "i" then appears, which also inflates and pops, and the scene transitions into a green background with an "l", an orange background with a "k", a pink background with an "s" (starting with this is several fruits rotating around the letters), a blue background with an "h", a yellow background with an "a", a green background with a "k", and finally an orange background with an "e", the explosion of which transitions to a pink liquid on a blue background, which is sucked by two multicolored straws to form the word "milkshake!". Finally, several pops are seen in the screen.

Variant: During Christmas time, snowflakes are falling on the logo.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A funky pop tune with voices saying each letters in the name, and then the full name.

2nd ID (September 11, 2000-September 15, 2002)

Visuals: There are some fruits like apples, lemons, grapes, berries and oranges on what seems to be a white liquid (likely representing milk), then the screen zooms out to reveal that it's a glass being held by a kid. The kid drops a banana, and several close-ups of the glass and the kid's face are shown. The kid then spots the Channel 5 logo stuck in her hair bobble, which she proceeds to grab off and drop into the juice, causing it to spill out and cover the screen. Finally, there is a close-up of a school building being flooded by the juice, which progressively floods the Earth, while the screen zooms out and see the word "milkshake!" on a space background, with the globe being the dot of the "i".

Variant: On break bumpers, the logo is shortened.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: A funky techno tune.

3rd ID (September 16, 2002-December 11, 2005)

Visuals: On an orange background are several simplified drawn fish, and as they swim, several children's drawings are seen walking from the right to the left as the word "Milkshake!" (in the same font as the Five logo at the time) moves from the right to the middle. When it stops, a sun is drawn on top.

Variant: During Christmas time, the logo is red with falling snowflakes, and the text is bright cyan with Christmas lights. Also, the sun is replaced by a star.

Technique: A CGI/2D cross.

Audio: A remixed version of the same techno-ish tune.

4th ID (December 12, 2005-July 23, 2017)

Visuals: On a white background, there is a sun rising, as various colourful lines form up a slide that three of the presenters (Kemi Majeks, Naomi Wilkinson, and Beth Evans) slide down on. The presenters then pose, dance and smile as the colourful lines move around. It ends with the presenters together for a final pose, as the footage of them rises down as the Milkshake! logo forms up, with the text in pink and a spinning sun forming.

Later Variant: In 2010, the footage was changed following the departures of Naomi and Beth. This time, the three presenters featured are Kemi, Jen Pringle and Derek Moran.


  • The break variant has the letters in blue, pink, green or orange.
  • During Christmas time, snowflakes are seen falling in front of the footage.

Technique: A mixture of live action and flash animation.

Audio: An upbeat pop tune with a female chorus singing "Milkshake!" twice, and then "Ma ma ma ma mi mi mi mi, more, Milkshake!"

Audio Trivia: The American rock band Blink-182 performed an impromptu acoustic rendition of the music used in these idents between scheduled tracks during an appearance on BBC's Live Lounge.

Availability: It still appears on Milkshake! DVD releases released by Abbey Home Media. Along with this, most Milkshake shows on air used this logo at least once.

5th ID (July 24, 2017-)

Visuals: In a blue starry sky, there is a sun with a face rising as clouds appear from the left and right. As the camera pans down, some balloons rise in the air, which is drawn by a young child in a red shirt using a crayon to draw another balloon. It then reaches into a flowery forest, as two kids draw a rainbow and then head to the screen and wave at the crowd. The screen then cuts to a birthday party scene, where two children are seen colouring in a picture of a beach, and the two kids from before join them. One of the scribbles made turns into a large birthday cake, which one of the girls blows the candle out of. The smoke transitions to a town with another one of the boys drawing a train track for a train conducted by Milkshake Monkey (played by Helena Smee). A bird then transitions to the red-shirted boy as he is seen in the forest looking at paw prints using a magnifying glass, which is revealed to be from a dog, as the boy has fun and puts the magnifying glass over his face. Then, the scene cuts to the girl in the spotty shirt blowing colourful bubbles using a bubble wand at a beach, which the camera moves to showcase a boy (wearing a shirt and a coat) playing a banjo, and a boy (wearing a red shirt, with a white undershirt) holding a drawing of a silly face. Another girl's silly drawing begins to lip-sync to the tune, as the camera pans back up to the sky and the sun rotates as the Milkshake! logo in blue (light blue and dark blue), with the text wiggling as the logo zooms to the sun, then the "m" turns transparent and opens into the first continuity link.

Technique: Hand-drawn styled flash animation, with live-action children.

Audio: A redone version of the previous tune.

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