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360 (1999-2002)

Visuals: On a starry purple background, we briefly look at the sky before the camera moves into a very psychedelic-looking amusement park-like area with flying atom shapes with lights coming out of them and a strange orb with lights coming out of it before going onto a roller coaster, where the camera moves across the tracks at lightning fast speed. The camera swerves all around the track until it reaches the orb, where it flies over it and then dive bombs into a 2001: A Space Odyssey-like tunnel, flying out of the "O" in the Noggin logo before the eye fades in. As the screen zooms out is that the area was a cap and the logo's face in orange is spinning. As we go into a comfortable position, the cap closes up, with lights still coming out, and the face stops spinning, then smiles.

Technique: CGI by Edward Bakst.

Audio: An amusement park-like tune, with screams and chimes. Once we are off the track, everything stops. Then once the camera enters the hole, a loud whoosh is heard, then, the end of the tune plays, with some laughter once we see the Noggin logo.

Made by the big Noggins at CTW / Sesame Workshop (February 2, 1999?-2003)

Visuals: The Noggin wordmark (in blue) and face (in pink) forms against a fuzzy blue background. A frog, a fly, an airplane, a computer, and a basketball then fly out of the logo, with the basketball briefly bouncing on it. Then, either of these logos pop out of the Noggin logo:

  • February 2, 1999?-December 2000: There is an animation of the Children's Television Workshop's logo (with the "Children's Television Workshop" text fading in one-by-one around the semicircle).
  • Early 2001-2003: Less than a year after the CTW was renamed to Sesame Workshop, this bumper was updated to use the Sesame Workshop logo from the time instead.
    • There is a version of this variant where the background is green instead.

Technique: 2D animation for the Noggin logo; CGI for the CTW logo and traditional animation for the Sesame Workshop logo.


  • A hip-hop beat alongside a girl saying "This show was made by the big Noggins at CTW, you know, the Children's Television Workshop!"
  • Another version of the CTW variant has a different girl saying the same line. A frog croaking is heard along with some whooshes as the objects fly out of the Noggin logo, then a Hanna-Barbera "bonk/boing" sound effect is heard during the CTW logo's animation.
  • The Sesame Workshop variant uses a slide whistle when the Sesame Workshop logo appears, then a Hanna-Barbera "BOING!" sound effect (accompanied by sparkles) plays during the logo's footage.
    • The green background version of the Sesame Workshop variant has a short version of the Noggin Chia music with a boy saying "This show was made by the big Noggins at Sesame Workshop."

Availability: Only appeared on shows produced by the CTW/Sesame Workshop, like Cro, 3-2-1 Contact, The Electric Company and Sesame Street Unpaved (a syndication package of episodes from the first 20 seasons of Sesame Street). The CTW variant continued to be used after the debut of the Sesame Workshop logo in 2000, but it was retired in early 2001.

Made by the big Noggins at Nick Jr. (February 2, 1999?-September 27, 2009)

Visuals: Over a purple/white gradient background is the Noggin logo with nothing at the top. Suddenly, blue and orange blobs of clay fly to the logo, making the Noggin logo surprised. Several hands come out and shape the clay blobs into two ducks, with "NICK" on the orange clay and "JR." on the blue clay. The logo smiles.

Technique: Claymation and live-action.

Audio: A xylophone tune (based on the Nick Jr. "Just For Me" jingle from 1998-2001) with a young girl announcer saying "This show is made just for you, by the big Noggins at Nick Jr." There is also a quacking noise when the ducks appear, as well as kids giggling when the logo smiles.

Audio Variant: After March 31, 2002, the ID was changed to a bouncy tambourine tune with glob/swapping sounds and a male announcer saying "This show is made for Noggin, by Nick Jr."

Availability: Only seen at the beginning of Noggin shows that aired on the Nick Jr. block as well.

Noggin Chia (1999-2002)

Visuals: On a farm background with a cow, a barn, flowers, barnyard and grass, there is a red head with the Noggin sign as he wakes up and opens his eye, which is inside the "O". A watering can waters his head, and grass and flowers grow on his head. The face smiles as the cow on the background falls down, revealing that it's a cardboard cutout.

Technique: Claymation, which was produced at WildBrain (now as a children's media company in Canada) in San Francisco, CA.

Audio: First a rooster crows, then a 8-note violin tune, then we hear a deep voice say "Noggin" followed by a 3-note guitar chord, then some tinkles, and then the 8-note tune again, and then we hear a 3-note violin tune and then we hear Noggin! again and then a cow moos. Under the sounds, a hip-hop drum tune is heard, similar to "Whistlin'" in the Nintendo DSi Camera.

Noggin Gold (1999-2001)

Visuals: The logo starts with silhouettes of a man at the left and a woman at the right dancing on a vortex background that changes color. The Noggin logo with a disco ball on top of its head flies in from the top right of the screen and settles near the center before smiling at us. A flash appears on the logo's teeth, and the word "GOLD" forms under the logo.

Variant: There's a short version that was used as the outro.

Technique: Clay animation.

Audio: A portion of "Night Fever" by Bee Gees.

Audio Variant: There is a variant which has an alternative disco theme with a male announcer saying "Get down, get funky, with your bad self. The music's old, but hey, it's gold." along with a female chorus saying "Noggin Gold!" with the man laughing. For the ending variant, the announcer says "Keep on goofing with Noggin." alongside the same female chorus.

Germs (1999-2001)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a bunch of bacteria and germs. One of them eats an amoeba, bumps into another germ and is pushed into the bacteria; other germs move around as this all happens. After about eleven seconds, there is a giant, one-eyed bacteria sleeping. It opens its eye and the screen zooms out to see that all the bacteria and germs are inside the Noggin logo on an orange/yellow background with green skin; it also has chicken pox on its face, a thermometer in its mouth, and an ice bag with the bacteria inside on its head. The Noggin logo's nose then drips snot, which it sniffs back in.

Technique: Clay animation for the germs, and 2D animation for the Noggin logo. All animated by Head Gear Animation.

Audio: The germs' dialogue accompanied by a weird theme, a splat sound when the giant bacteria opens its eye and some men singing "No-Noggin! No-Noggin!"

Lever (1999-2002)

Visuals: There is a lever in a room. A girl comes by and takes turns staring at it and the camera, before she says "Hmm...", takes her head off and places it down. Her body then jumps on her head and pulls the lever, and a Noggin picture frame appears as the head says "Use your Noggin!".

Technique: A mix of 2D and cut-out animation, produced at Fablevision in Boston, MA.

Audio: The girl saying "Hmm...", followed by a pop when the girl's head falls off, and then an 8-note guitar/drum tune and the girl saying "Use your Noggin!" A robot (using the same voice as the guy from the second Noggin Originals logo) then says "Noggin."

Running (1999-2001?)

Visuals: A young girl with long hair lands on the bed in her room (which consists solely of a window and the aforementioned bed). A neighborhood is then shown as she walks through it. The camera zooms out to reveal that the neighborhood is inside a globe, which has the Noggin logo. The girl, now holding some balloons, flies out of the Noggin logo and into space.

Technique: Collage animation.

Audio: A catchy tune with a whistling motif, with a man singing "Noggin-No-Noggin!" and young people shouting "Noggin!" twice.

Availability: Seen during programs on Noggin from the time period.

Soup (1999-2004)

Visuals: On a pink background, there is a boy in a boat. When the screen zooms out is the edges of a bowl, revealing that the boy's rowing his boat in some alphabet soup, and the screen zooms out some more to reveal that the bowl is on top of the Noggin logo. The boy shouts "Letter and number soup!" Then a star in the sky and the Noggin logo licks its lips.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A boat rowing, the boy shouting "Letter and number soup!" and its echo when the screen zooms out, and a licking sound when the logo licks its lips.

Availability: It was seen on some Noggin airings of Gullah Gullah Island until 2004, plastering the 1990 Nickelodeon Studios logo. When it came back to the network in 2007, this logo was removed, and the 1990 NS logo was used.

Final Note: On April 1, 2002, Noggin revamped its schedule and extended its preschool block to last for 12 hours a day. This coincided with a new look for the channel's on-air promos and bumpers. Most idents from February 2, 1999 to March 31, 2002 were replaced with new bumpers that matched the new look.

Shape House (2002-2007)

Visuals: In a yellow environment, there is a girl trying to build a house with shapes. She fails twice and gets frustrated each time. She builds the house, and smiles. She winks at us, walks in, and we scroll to the lavender Noggin logo in a blue square with a house on top. The URL "" appears in an additional rounded rectangle below, which is how the next IDs will end.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: There is a nice ukulele tune with sound effects, and ending with a woman saying, "Noggin!"

Giving a Flower (2002-2007)

Visuals: In a teal world, there is a girl with a flower pot. A boy walks toward the girl, with flowers in his flower pot. They look inside their pots, but the girl is sad that hers is empty. This makes her boyfriend sad. Suddenly, he gets and idea and gives one of his flowers to the girl, which makes her happy. The 2 kids do the Propaganda, and we see the Noggin logo (light blue on purple) with flowers on top.

Technique: 2D animation with some collage elements.

Audio: A nice whistle tune that sags when the girl gets sad, and then a B-flat chord when the boy gets an idea. The music finishes, and a woman says, "N-O-G-G-I-N. Noggin!"

Boy and Duck (2002-2007)

Visuals: Over a pink sky background, there is a boy walking through water wearing yellow and white. He encounters a blue-polka dotted, white duck, which quacks twice. He and the duck start dancing, and the duck jumps into his arms. They both wink at us, and we scroll to the Noggin logo (blue on green) with a duck on top.

Technique: 2D animation with some collage elements.

Audio: A marimba tune with quacking and buzzing with the woman singing the Noggin theme.

Patty Cake (2002-2007)

Visuals: Over a blue background, the logo starts with white scribble clouds and crudely-drawn plants on the ground. Suddenly, the earth shakes 3 times. After the second time, 2 dinosaurs approach each other (one is blue and pink with yellow scales and the other is yellow and blue with pink scales). Once they get close enough to each other, the right dinosaur roars, and the other roars, before laughing. The two dinosaurs patty cake for 7 seconds, and then laugh. Then, we scroll to the Noggin logo (light blue on purple, with a dinosaur on top).

Technique: 2D animation with some collage elements.

Audio: There is loud 4 stomping sounds. After the third stomping sound, there is a gong (thrice), and kids roaring and laughing. We then hear a loud flute theme with horns. This is actually generic network music.

Shape Holes (2002-2007)

Visuals: In a yellow house, there is a boy with a square head playing with a red ball and trying to kick it through a square hole. He looks at the round hole and gets confused. He thinks, and kicks it through the round hole, and gets happy. He crawls through the square hole, and it's revealed that he was in a house the whole time in a blue environment. He kicks the ball and runs across the screen. The screen pans to the Noggin logo (pink on blue) with a butterfly on top.

Technique: 2D animation with collage-like elements.

Audio: A psychedelic synth tune that stops when the boy thinks, and then resumes when he finishes thinking.

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