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Nicktoons (1st Era)

In My Brain (2003-2005)

Visuals: There is a goldfish in a glass cup, an egg floating on a fan, and a frog with dice spinning around it. The dice fall onto a record player and bounce back up, before it cuts to a barred owl standing near the record player. As white balls bounce around the owl, it winks at the camera. Then the balls morph into the Nicktoons logo.

Variants: There are multiple alternate versions of this bumper.

  • Red dice fly around a pair of chicks sitting in a nest. The screen then cuts to a drain in a bathtub, which is unplugged as water and starfish come out of it. A brush is shown scrubbing a toy car, and a green toothbrush comes up from the sink. There is a wire fox terrier looking at the toothbrush, which begins to circle it along with some bottles of body wash. Then a floating pair of teeth appears, says "we did it!", and laughs while white balls orbit around it. The balls then fly into the pair of teeth and form the logo.
  • A walnut opens to reveal a tiny pink toy rabbit. There is a closeup of a pig's face while a man says "I love you" offscreen. A tugboat "sails" through a blue carpet as a sulfur crested cockatoo looks on, singing loudly. An alarm clock goes off, and the cockatoo's feathers form the logo.
  • An Egyptian vulture stands in the grass and looks at the camera as leaves float around, and two rocks with butterflies on them "kiss" and fall down. A mouse is shown sitting on a large bone as smaller ones fall from the sky, and a metal baby moves towards the screen. The logo forms.
  • A cuckoo clock door opens, popcorn flies out, and a chameleon eats one of the popcorn pieces. The screen cuts to a bowl with three dice inside, then a pair of headphones with a lemon bouncing between its cups, and then a rabbit with carrots levitating around it. Bubbles appear and come together to form the logo.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: Depends on the specific variant used.

Zim Light (2003-2005)

Visuals: In a highly-exposed 3D environment is various faded still images of Zim from Invader Zim moving across the screen with various light exposures panning on them, stuttering in and out of positions. The Nicktoons logo pops in and out with the copies, having faded copies itself. After a few more scenes with both Zim and the Nicktoons logo is the logo closely pans up to the camera and then fades in and out before panning upwards and a little back.

Technique: A mix of live-action and 2D animation by Klasky Csupo's commercial division Ka-Chew.

Audio: A catchy, electronic polka tune with a tuba that constantly reverses and loops itself. Most likely production music, though edits were supposedly done by Ka-Chew.

Nicktoons Network

Bouncy Eye (2005-2009)

Visuals: On a brown background, orange rings, lines, letters and sparkles move around the screen. They then collide and form the Nicktoons Network logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A beatbox piece with a harmonica and vocal record scratches (that are actually the voice saying "Network") accompanied by a high-pitched voice singing "Nicktoons!". When the logo finishes, the voice proclaims "Network!"

Ball Bounce (2005-2007)

Visuals: Four overhead lights flicker on as a room illuminates, revealing an orange ball floating on the right side. An orange globe then draws itself on the left side of the room and begins spinning as the orange ball starts bouncing. The orange ball starts bouncing uncontrollably as it breaks the light farthest to the right and splatters on the globe. The image then turns to 2D as the words "NICKTOONS NETWORK" appear below the globe.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An electric noise when the lights flicker on with a hum throughout, a whoosh noise when the globe draws itself followed by bouncing and "whoop" noises when the ball starts bouncing, a rumble noise as the ball bounces out of control followed by a gunshot type noise when it collides with the globe, then an electric buzz and an eerie chime noise as the final logo appears.

Chicken Catch (2007-2009)

Visuals: On a farmyard, a mechanism resembling a catapult with a human arm grows out of the ground. A rooster walks up to the catapult, hops into it, and is thrown into the air. A green man with a nest for a head chases after the rooster. He catches it, and starts to dance while spotlights shine in the background. The man lays an orange egg with the Nicktoons Network logo (a wireframe globe with a splat on the right side and the text "NICKTOONS NETWORK" below it) on it.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Quiet whirring when the catapult forms, a whistle as the rooster flies through the air, a happy dubstep beat when the man does his dance, and an autotuned voice saying "Nicktoons Network!" at the end.

Goat Swim (2007-2009)

Visuals: A goat covered in barnacles on its body and head floats downwards with a bubble trail following it. The goat grunts 2 times and farts out a bubble containing the Nicktoons Network logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Water sounds when the goat is floating down, followed by two grunts and a loud fart. 5 guitar notes play when the Nicktoons Network logo appears.

Croc-O-Flies (2007-2009)

Visuals: The logo starts with 3 orange flowers on a blue background as a crocodile/butterfly hybrid flutters up to the flower farthest to the right, chomps it and flies away with it. Another croc-o-fly approaches the flower farthest to the left, but it lurches upwards, eats the "croc-o-fly", and burps out some bones and the Nicktoons Network logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Fluttering noises as the crocs fly, a video game type chomping noise when the croc and the flower bite, followed by a burp and 5 guitar notes as the Nicktoons Network logo appears.

Audio Variants: There's a different version with electronic type music while the crocs fly, different munching noises, a different burp and a different guitar theme at the end.

Sheep-a-pult (2007-2009)

Visuals: A sheep in boots and goggles walks across a field against a yellow background as it hops into a catapult. The catapult then shoots the sheep as it flies across a desert filled with chomping crocodiles. The sheep flies into a stormy sky where it gets hit by lightning, falls down past several saw blades on a brown background and then dives into a glass of milk on an orange background as the Nicktoons Network logo splatters on the screen.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A clipping sound as the sheep hops, a dragging sound followed by a whoosh as the catapult shoots the sheep, clipping sounds for the crocodiles, thunder for the storm, motor noises for the sawblades, a "whoooo" sound when the sheep falls followed by a drum roll and a splat as it hits the milk, then an autotuned voice saying "Nicktoons Network" as the logo appears.

Cat Fight (2007-2009)

Visuals: The screen zooms though a forest at sunset towards a hill as an orange Abyssinian kitten stands on a seesaw holding a sandbag. The kitten throws the sandbag on the other side of the seesaw as it launches the kitten through the sky. The kitten flies through space with its rear end on fire. The kitten then lands on a hill next to a blue kitten holding nunchucks. The cats then fight as the screen fills with fire and the cats claw out the Nicktoons Network logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Birds chirping and a pleasant violin tune as the hill zooms in, followed by a meow as the kitten is launched, a "wooo" sound as the kitten flies through space, meowing and hissing as the cats fight, followed by an autotuned voice saying "Nicktoons Network" when the logo appears.

Snail Monster (2007-2009)

Visuals: A snail moves from the right on an orange background and stops in the middle of the screen as a mouth filled with sharp teeth appears on its shell. A salt shaker then appears from the top of the screen and sprinkles salt on the snail as it disintegrates into a pile of bones. The salt shaker appears again on a blue background as it shakes out the Nicktoons Network logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A synth tune and slushing noises as the snail moves, a loud roar as the mouth appears and coughing noises as the bones appear, followed by an 8-note guitar theme as the Nicktoons Network logo appears.

Arena (2007-2009)

Visuals: Depends on the variant, but always features two original characters battling against each other. Each variant also includes a title card with the words "NICKTOONS NETWORK ARENA" on top, "VS" in the center, and the two competing characters and their names on the left and right.

Variants: Three variants were made for this ID, two of which have alternate endings:

  • Canman vs. Balloonimal: In an art gallery, Canman (a can of spray paint) approaches Balloonimal (a black balloon gazelle) and sprays paint on one of its legs. Balloonimal turns red with anger and chases Canman before they both leap into the air. Canman hypnotizes Balloonimal by painting a black and white vortex, summoning knives, scissors, and an image of a skull with two snake heads. Canman shoots fire at Balloonimal, who dodges the spray can’s attack, leading to one of two endings:
    • Canman goes inside Balloonimal's head and sprays paint from within, electrocuting Balloonimal as a result. Balloonimal falls and collapses on the floor, leaving Canman unharmed. The scene cuts to the Nicktoons Network logo, which appears as a stenciled design against some orange spray paint.
    • Balloonimal injects air into Canman using one of its legs, laughing maniacally while doing so. Canman explodes and spreads paint everywhere as we pan over to a smiling Balloonimal, now back in its original black color. The screen then cuts to the Nicktoons Network logo stenciled on Canman's paint residue.
  • Spin Psycho vs. Squid-O-Watt: In a gladiatorial arena, Spin Psycho (a washing machine) enters, when Squid-O-Watt (an electric jellyfish) appears and intimidates the washing machine with its arms. Spin Psycho outmaneuvers the arms and shoots dirty laundry at Squid-O-Watt, who then retaliates by using its wiry tentacles to zap Spin Psycho as it stands on a puddle of water. Spin Psycho then uses its door to grab a hold of one of Squid-O-Watt’s tentacles and spin both themselves around. This results in one of two endings:
    • Spin Psycho plugs into an outlet on the arena floor, fatally shocking Squid-O-Watt and causing its plasma ball head to burst. Confetti rains down as Spin Psycho emerges as the winner. The scene cuts to a circuit breaker panel slamming shut and the Nicktoons Network logo, appearing as a sticker on the panel door.
    • Squid-O-Watt lets go of Spin Psycho’s grip and dumps a black oily sludge onto the washing machine. Confetti rains down as Squid-O-Watt raises its arms in victory, after which the same breaker panel logo plays.
  • Peachfuzz vs. Boombox: After the title card, the words "EAT OFF !" flash before cutting to a scene in a junkyard, where Peachfuzz (an orange stuffed animal wearing a blue hardhat) eats a wrench. The camera pans away to Boombox (a giant cardboard box) directly underneath Peachfuzz, as it eats some nearby trash. The camera pans over to Peachfuzz swallowing some tires, followed by Boombox attempting to eat more trash dropped from a giant industrial magnet. The screen cuts back to Peachfuzz eating trash from a conveyor belt before gulping down an entire missile, causing it to blow up inside the stuffed animal. Peachfuzz then gets pulled upward towards the same industrial magnet from earlier, this time with the Nicktoons Network logo. Boombox can also be seen stuck to the same magnet just above Peachfuzz.

Trivia: According to Dexigner News, these bumpers were created by New York based creative design company Adolescent as a series of "humorous boy-oriented spots".

Technique: A mixture of 2D animation, CGI and photo collages.

Audio: Alongside sound of the audience cheering and other sound effects, the music depends on the variant.

  • Canman vs. Balloonimal: A boxing bell sound during the title card and a synth heavy dubstep piece. A guitar "twang" sound plays when the Nicktoons Network logo appears.
  • Spin Psycho vs. Squid-O-Watt: A brass horn fanfare for the title card and a beatbox rhythm.
  • Peachfuzz vs. Boombox: A boxing bell sound during the title card and a rustic country-style electric guitar and Jew's harp piece.

Nicktoons (2nd Era)

Invader Zim Returns (February 2010)

Visuals: The logo starts with Zim (from Invader Zim) saying "Stupid Nicktoons humans! You have one month to surrender to me, Zim, or you would be destroyed!!" and laughing. The camera zooms out and we see the Nicktoons logo.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI.

Audio: The dialogue and laughter, then the announcer says "Invader Zim returns, for one month only! This March, only on Nicktoons." and Zim (played by Richard Steven Horvitz), says "I'M GETTING TO ZIM!!!".

Availability: Used to promote the return of Invader Zim reruns on Nicktoons for one month only in March 2010.

Nicktoons Get Zombified (October 2011)

Visuals: Zooming in on a dark green foggy landscape is the Nicktoons logo. Once the screen glitches, the logo releases a cloud substance and warbles, being filled with moss afterwards. Afterwards, TV static is shown, showing dark and zombified versions of multiple Nicktoon characters partaking in typical zombie actions. A few moments later, the same logo is shown on a custom background depending on the bumper in which the text "Happy Halloween" fades in and warbles. The logo ends with the same characters from before, usually in a close up.

Variants: Depending on the Nicktoon being showcased:

  • The Fairly OddParents: Wanda (Played by Susanne Blakeslee), is slowly walking and shaking her head before Cosmo (Played by Daran Norris) suddenly awakens in a close up. At the end, Cosmo, now more closer to the camera, has his lower jaw fall off. Throughout the bumper, Wanda and Cosmo both moan "Wishes!" in spooky voices.
  • The Mighty B!: Inside a dark room, a silhouette of Bessie Higgenbottom (Played by Amy Poehler) is shown, which the screen then cuts out and see her glasses broken (one of her lens has her right eye exposed) and a skeleton of her left arm remaining. Walking across the room, she says "Happy? Everyone wants to be my BFF! Happy? Hello? Hello? Hello?". At the end, Bessie yells "This is awesome!" as she takes off her glasses, displaying an angry expression on her face.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: In the Fanlair, Chum Chum (Played by Nika Flutterman), is bouncing on a couch while Fanboy (Played by David Hornsby) rises from the ground, shaking his arms while both of them make weird sounds and spin their eyeballs. They both yell "Group hug! We did it!", then mimic seals, and then Chum Chum falls off the couch with his arms and head falling off when he hits the floor.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A horror sting for the whole bumper with the line "Nicktoons get zombified!" at the beginning, the sound of static, and the twisted and distorted sounds and dialogue of the characters.

Availability: It was only shown during Halloween of 2011.

Legacy: These idents are notable for being lost media until they were posted onto YouTube in August 2022.

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